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With more than 40 years of experience, GHESA offers all kinds of recreational projects and solutions featuring water, created for urban spaces, cultural complexes,shopping malls, theme parks, sports centres or large entertainment areas.

GHESA counts on a solid team of professionals able to provide creative and technologically innovative solutions, with the capabilities required for their successful turnkey construction anywhere in the world. Three thousand facilities in 25 countries support this experience, based on unique patented technologies that translate into multimedia show fountains, floating megafountains, interactive water features, water parks for children,... all in original designs and varied scales.



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GHESA, Ingeniería y Tecnología, Fountain Division, develops its activity in the design, manufacture and installation of water and light elements for artistic and ornamental purposes by the fusion of the water and art concepts. Thanks to the professionalism in performing our action, we cover the needs and expectations of our clients.

This is possible following the next five general guidelines:

1. Continuous listening attitude to the client needs - providing adequate and qualified staff to resolve queries and collecting the necessary information to develop the project successfully.

2. A commitment with the continuous improvement and innovation as in our products and services as in the organization - innovation by the developing the new products based on past experience and the new technologies available in the markets and improvement thanks to the opportunities proceeded from the risk-based approach.

3. Quality of the works - the projects are carried out with the necessary and specific technical and material resources and planning.

4. Compliance with the client requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements - knowledge and application of the general rules as legislations and bylaws, client requirements and ISO 9001;

5. Fusion of art and technology in developing projects - water, light and sound come together with technology innovations allowing the interaction with the product, enjoying a wider colour gradation, greater freedom of water movement, and satisfying the client service with a wide range of possibilities.

This quality policy is achieved only through people. Therefore, the Division Management relies on his team of professionals to share the challenge of regular quality commitment, technological innovation and the satisfaction of the welldone work.

April 21, 2016

Jesús Rodríguez González
Division Manager


The Magical Water Circuit

This Magical Water Circuit is a wonderful complex of 13 ornamental, cybernetic and interactive fountains, where water, music, light, images and laser effects in perfect harmony are combined to present a unique spectacle, full of brightness and colourfulness. This incomparable scenario made the fountains worthy of a Guinness Record recognition in which it was announced as the Largest Complex of Fountains installed in a Public Park.

In the words of the Minister of foreign trade and tourism (MINCETUR), Magali Silva: “The Magical Water Circuit opened the doors of Peru with the colours of the Mountains, the contagious rhythms of the Coast and the Amazonia happiness to the thousands of attendees to this meeting” In the welcome reception a cocktail for the attendees was offered.

Participants enjoyed the Multimedia Spectacle specially designed for this event. The 120 meters long “Fountain of Fantasy”counted with three screens and three video projectors as well as laser equipment composed of seven laser units, brightness and colourfulness of the spectacle was praised by Christine Lagarde (IMF Deputy Managing Director), Jim Yong Kim, (The President of World Bank Group) and the twice Oscar winner actor Sean Penn.

In summary, a great presentation that made everyone leave aside the seriousness of the economic issues for a moment, to simply enjoy the magic of the welcome event of the Summit opening.

Once more, GHESA run the celebration and happiness of the event.



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GHESA® Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A.
Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de la provincia de Madrid, Tomo 293 del libro de sociedades, folio 122, hoja nº. M.5898, Inscripción 144ª- NIF A28126274.


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